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IMASA receives a grant to carry out the technology “Hygroscopic Cycle”

December, 26th 2013, the government of Principado de Asturias, through FICYT foundation with funds which come from a Plan designate “ Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación of Asturias” and 80% co-financed by the operative program FEDER of the Principado of Asturias (2007-2013), gave a grant to IMASA to develop the Hygroscopic Cycle.

This cycle (which licenses belong to IMASA in an exclusive way) has demonstrated theoretically and in laboratory scale that improves the power efficiency and the refrigeration conditions of the most used cycle for the power generation; the Rankine cycle. Furthermore, with this new technology is improved the condensation process eliminating cooling towers, reducing at least an 85% the refrigeration water consumption of the plant. The investment costs are slightly lower, and are reduced about 25% the operating and maintenance costs.