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IMASA redesigns its website

A new website focused on showing IMASA´s capacity for Engineering and Turnkey Projects, Manufacturing, Industrial Maintenance and Erection, Renewable Energies, Environment, Modular Buildings and Industrial Supplies.

IMASA has decided to redesign its Web to offer the user a more useful and complete space. This new dynamism is focused on up-dating the contents, in order to adapt to the expectation of users and show more specific precise information on the new activities and the services developed. All of this within the framework of the strictest compliance with accessibility parameters.

The agility of the browser and the search for contents is based on the files of the most significant projects of reference, which make up a good example of the entire renovation carried out in the functions of the Web.

All the innovations presented are the result of the synergy between IMASA and their customers and suppliers, the result of careful consultation and teamwork developed by IMASA. Our goal: Offer the user a useful and detailed version or our capabilities.