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IMASA builds the Andasol I and II Solar Thermal Plants for Cobra

IMASA has implemented for the consortium COBRA PLANTAS INDUSTRIALES and SENER the first commercial plants for parabolic cylindrical collectors in Europe, Andasol I and II.

The plants are also the first to use melted salts to generate electricity. Both plants can be found in Aldeira in Granada with power levels of 50 MW each.

IMASA executed on both plants the prefabrication and assembly of pipelines and the equipment of the HTF unit of the power island, salt unit and the BOP (Balance of plant) as well as the insulation of pipelines and the equipment of the HTF and BOP unit.

In addition, IMASA is executing, at present, similar contracts on the EXTRESOL I and II plants for the same customer in the province of Badajoz.