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IMASA will participate in the building of the largest cement plant in Bolivia.

The Spanish-German consortium formed by the companies IMASA lngeniería y proyectos, S.A., ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Polysius) and Sacyr Industrial (VALORIZA) have signed an EPC contract for the building of a cement plant with Empresa Pública Productiva Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL), with a value of 244 million dollars.

The plant, which will be built in Oruro (Bolivia), is located in the vicinity of an important limestone deposit – a reserve of 208.7 million tons –, which will guarantee the supply of this raw material for 90 years. Its start-up will enable Bolivia to stop importing cement and it will be the plant with the largest production capacity in the country, 1.3 million tons of cement per year, thus covering 20% of the internal demand.                                                                                     

The factory will require 20 megawatts of electrical energy monthly, and it will use natural gas from a duct close to the area.

The total investment is 306 million dollars, disbursed by Banco Central de Bolivia (BCB), and the project is foreseen to last 3 years.

The signing act took place last Thursday 15 and it was attended by the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, ECEBOL managers and Consortium managers. 

Quoting ECEBOL's technical manager, José Luis Jiménez:IMASA-Polysius-Sacyr's proposal is one of the best bids. They are worldly renowned companies in the sector of cement plant installation”.

With this project, IMASA consolidates its experience in cement plants and continues with its internationalization plan, with presence in 14 countries, developing different types of projects.

IMASA, one of the major engineering companies in Spain, has been developing projects in the industry and energy sectors for more than 30 years now, and has the technology for the development and execution of projects of cement plants, mineral handling facilities, coke batteries, petrochemical product storing facilities, steam cycles and modular industrialized building.