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Imasa sends a New Coal Charging Car of 165-ton to to ArcelorMittal Brasil from the El Musel Port.

IMASA shipped on June 26th, from the port of El Musel, bound for the ArcelorMittal Tubarão steel plant in Vitória (Brazil), a Coal Charging Car for the coke batteries that the multinational has in the aforementioned Brazilian town.


The machine, weighing around 165 tons, incorporates the most modern technologies, developed by IMASA in its engineering offices, now located in the Llanera Technology Park. These technologies meet the highest environmental and operational requirements of this type of industrial plant, and have been an important challenge for a company founded in the 1970s that currently has a total workforce of around 800 people.

The manufacture of this type of coal charging car for coke oven plants, with automatic operation under remote operating control, is within the reach of very few companies in the world. With the contract with ArcelorMittal for its Tubarão plant, IMASA consolidates its international image as a firm capable of competing in the most demanding markets.

The machine was shipped on the vessel «BBC Kibo», with the flag of Antigua and Barbuda and 126 meters in length, which docked in the eighth alignment of the docks of La Osa. And after the loadind of the charging car, the vessel, coming from the port of Antwerp, set sail toa Arcelor Mittal terminal in Tubarão.

Prior to this shipment operation, it was necessary for IMASA, with the participation of its engineering, assembly, maintenance and manufacturing divisions, to carry out the complete assembly of the machine in El Musel, as well as the satisfactory development of the pertinent performance tests.

The following link shows the approach to the edge of the quay by means of a self-propelled 6 x lines in double configuration from the area enabled in the port to the 8th alignment of the Osa quay and the loading carried out with the vessel cranes, in tándem crane lift configuration. Crane Capacity up to 700MT (2 x 350). See video